Friday, March 4, 2016

Coming Soon - Character Interview

A few weeks back I ran a poll for readers to vote on which of my original characters they would like to have interviewed here on the blog.  It was a pretty close race between Dr. Grady Hunter and Dacey Sinnett but in the end (and as I suspected might be the case), Dacey won!

So, now is the time.  It is literally an interview with a vampire!  Send in your questions!  He's up for answering anything.  ANYTHING.  Silly, serious, spoiler-y, risqué - it's all up to you!

You can either comment your questions here or shoot them to me on social media (I check Twitter most often).

Don't worry.  The questions will be posted anonymously so feel free to get creative & don't be shy (Dacey certainly isn't.)!

Thanks for reading & keep an eye out for when Dacey meets the hot seat!