Monday, March 23, 2020

DREAM WEAVER Postponed + New Release Date

I hope you all are well and safe during this difficult time. I have a brief update for you. I knew this was a possibility but I had been waiting for the official word from NineStar Press. DREAM WEAVER is being postponed. Pretty much every book NSP had on the calendar is getting pushed, from what I understand.

DREAM WEAVER will now be released on April 27th.

I'm so sorry you have to wait another month. I love seeing all the messages of excitement for this book! It means a lot and I know you're going to love it once it's finally released.

I will continue to post updates and extras on social media until then. I appreciate your patience and support! Now is a great time to take advantage of the sale that NineStar Press is having. Most books are 40% Off and a lot of titles are free!

Stay Safe & Happy Reading ♥

- Dez

Thursday, March 12, 2020

DREAM WEAVER Cover Reveal + Blurb

Today I am beyond thrilled to finally get to share the cover for DREAM WEAVER with you all! And yes, that is Mercury! I absolutely love this cover and how it looks next to the previous two books. Our Dream Team!

DREAM WEAVER is the final book in the ROAM trilogy and has:

✨ Sandman Tricks
Celestials & Dreamscapes
✨ Mercury Made Me Do It
✨ Jackalope Elemental—whaaaat?!

Add it on Goodreads today! Preorders available soon. Book releases March 30th from NineStar Press.

Ethan Roam has faced a lot of nightmarish challenges—finding out he's a sandman, falling in love with a man who once hunted him, and thwarting attacks from The Order of Azoth; a secret occult organization set on using his bloodline to conquer the universe by controlling immortality. And the battle is far from over.

To defeat The Order and its leader, Phantom, Ethan must first find the original Sandman and bring the fight to the Dream World. Saving the universe might be too tall of an order for one dream creature but with the help of his friends and some Celestial beings with questionable motives, Ethan just might be able to weave a trap of surreal proportions.

I'll be sharing more from DREAM WEAVER soon, including some fun extras like moodboards and playlists. Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you haven't already as I'll be posting things daily.

I can't wait to share this exciting conclusion with you all!

- Dez -