Friday, July 26, 2019


DREAM WEAVER, the third and final book in the ROAM series, is action-packed, surreal, and unpredictable!


Ethan Roam has faced a lot of nightmarish challenges—finding out he's a sandman, falling in love with a man who once hunted him, and thwarting attacks from The Order of Azoth; a secret occult organization set on using his bloodline to conquer the universe by controlling immortality. And the battle is far from over.

To defeat The Order and its leader, Phantom, Ethan must first find the original Sandman and bring the fight to the Dream World. Saving the universe might be too tall of an order for one dream creature but with the help of his friends and some Celestial beings with questionable motives, Ethan just might be able to weave a trap of surreal proportions.

DREAM WEAVER will be released March 2020 through NineStar Press!

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