The ROAM Series (Dreampunk, LGBTQ Paranormal, M/M Romance)


Ethan Roam suffers from night terrors and vivid daydreams, which lead him to the doorstep of the eccentric Dr. Grady Hunter, who thrusts him into a world of supernatural misfits. Ethan quickly learns that there’s more reality to his dreams than he suspected.

In this ROAM prequel, Dacey Sinnett is quickly swept up into a world of thievery, murder, debauchery, and vampirism. He eventually learns that you really should be careful what you wish for and seeks to find a greater purpose. But has he ventured past the point of redemption?

The Dead Oaks Series (YA LGBTQ Paranormal, M/M Romance)


Jasper Jelinek believes in ghosts. Probably more than he believes in himself. After living a life of relative solitude and misanthropy, he suddenly becomes saddled with some unexpected new friends. Their obsession with the paranormal forces them to face the thing they've been avoiding most: Life. Together they learn that there's more to being haunted than just ghost stories.

Holiday Shorts (Paranormal, M/M Romance)

Writing reviews for a living has trained Patrick Moon to internally criticize everything to the point where he rarely enjoys anything. That is until he takes on an extra assignment which whirlwinds him into the good graces of Aubrey Blackwood, a local craftsman and occult dealer. With the help of a rambunctious little goat and his - very tight knit - circle of friends, Aubrey opens Patrick's eyes to the magic of the world around him and shows him that the spirit of the holidays resides in your heart and not in your head.