Monday, April 27, 2020


Happy Release Day!

DREAM WEAVER is officially out in the world and I am thrilled to finally be able to share this exciting and surreal conclusion of the ROAM series with you!

I'll be checking in on all of my social media platforms today so be sure to drop by and let me know if you grabbed your copy. I look forward to chatting with you!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2020



DREAM WEAVER releases April 27th! Preorders are available through NineStar Press and will arrive 3 DAYS EARLY. Add it on Goodreads today!

In this exciting conclusion to the ROAM series, Ethan and Grady must team up with their friends and some Celestial beings with questionable motives in the ultimate effort to find the original Sandman and stop Phantom and the Order of Azoth from taking over the Dream World and altering life on Earth. 

A few familiar characters also have cameos. Curious who they are?
I won't ruin the surprise for you, but they're from these two books:


Special Extras while you wait for the release:

We also have a FACEBOOK GROUP if you'd like to join! It's just getting started, so please feel free to post away with anything related to my books or similar topics (Everyone enjoys a good vampire discussion. *wink*).

Thank you so much for your continued support and I'm looking forward to sharing this exciting (and surreal) conclusion with you! 

- Dez -

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Preorder DREAM WEAVER Today!

Order today and get it 3 DAYS EARLY (April 24)!

DREAM WEAVER is the exciting conclusion to the ROAM trilogy!

Ethan Roam has faced a lot of nightmarish challenges—finding out he’s a sandman, falling in love with the man who once hunted him, and thwarting attacks from The Order of Azoth, a secret occult organization set on using his bloodline to conquer the universe by controlling immortality. And the battle is far from over.

To defeat The Order and its leader, Phantom, Ethan must first find the original Sandman and then bring the fight to the Dream World. Saving the universe might be too tall an order for one dream creature, but with the help of his friends and some Celestial beings with questionable motives, Ethan just might be able to weave a trap of surreal proportions.

“Nightmare’s Gateway isn’t so much a place as a state of mind.” Mercury’s scythe appeared in his grasp. They’d learned he only produced the blade when things were about to get messy. “All that’s required of you is to suspend any disbelief you may have and cross the threshold. You’ll find his home quite…immersive.”

“Since you’re most familiar with him, why don’t you lead the way?” Marcus chimed in a dare. For once, Grady and Marcus were on the same page.

“As you death wish.” Mercury gave a cheeky nod. He strode with confidence into the swirling oblivion. The smoky tendrils consumed him, and he vanished from sight.

“Will we even be able to survive going in there?” Grady asked Kit.

“I think so,” Kit answered. “Depends on you, really. Just remember the truth. He’ll try to make you forget what’s real.”

Grady frowned. “Well, that’s unnervingly vague. Thank you, Kit.”

She gave them an encouraging smile and bounded into the darkness alone.

“Second guessing your resolve?” Marcus teased him.

“Not at all,” Grady defended. “Just trying to ascertain any helpful information before blindly jumping into what looks like a pit of cosmic despair. Yourself?”

“I’m a vampire, Hunter.” Marcus smirked. “Darkness is my home.”

He sauntered into Nightmare’s Gateway without a second thought.

Ethan took Grady by the hand. “We’ll go in together. I’ll do everything I can to make sure we come back out together too.”

Appreciating the solidarity, Grady squeezed his hand in return. They both allowed themselves to be engulfed by the Gateway.

DREAM WEAVER (ROAM #3) releases April 27th!

Monday, March 23, 2020

DREAM WEAVER Postponed + New Release Date

I hope you all are well and safe during this difficult time. I have a brief update for you. I knew this was a possibility but I had been waiting for the official word from NineStar Press. DREAM WEAVER is being postponed. Pretty much every book NSP had on the calendar is getting pushed, from what I understand.

DREAM WEAVER will now be released on April 27th.

I'm so sorry you have to wait another month. I love seeing all the messages of excitement for this book! It means a lot and I know you're going to love it once it's finally released.

I will continue to post updates and extras on social media until then. I appreciate your patience and support! Now is a great time to take advantage of the sale that NineStar Press is having. Most books are 40% Off and a lot of titles are free!

Stay Safe & Happy Reading ♥

- Dez

Thursday, March 12, 2020

DREAM WEAVER Cover Reveal + Blurb

Today I am beyond thrilled to finally get to share the cover for DREAM WEAVER with you all! And yes, that is Mercury! I absolutely love this cover and how it looks next to the previous two books. Our Dream Team!

DREAM WEAVER is the final book in the ROAM trilogy and has:

✨ Sandman Tricks
Celestials & Dreamscapes
✨ Mercury Made Me Do It
✨ Jackalope Elemental—whaaaat?!

Add it on Goodreads today! Preorders available soon. Book releases March 30th from NineStar Press.

Ethan Roam has faced a lot of nightmarish challenges—finding out he's a sandman, falling in love with a man who once hunted him, and thwarting attacks from The Order of Azoth; a secret occult organization set on using his bloodline to conquer the universe by controlling immortality. And the battle is far from over.

To defeat The Order and its leader, Phantom, Ethan must first find the original Sandman and bring the fight to the Dream World. Saving the universe might be too tall of an order for one dream creature but with the help of his friends and some Celestial beings with questionable motives, Ethan just might be able to weave a trap of surreal proportions.

I'll be sharing more from DREAM WEAVER soon, including some fun extras like moodboards and playlists. Be sure to follow me on Twitter if you haven't already as I'll be posting things daily.

I can't wait to share this exciting conclusion with you all!

- Dez -

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Dead Oaks Series 101

***SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*** The first three books in The Dead Oaks are now 99 cents each! This sale is good through February 5, 2020. However, I am planning on making this the permanent price for all Dead Oaks books soon.

Hi, friends!

If you're new here or haven't had a chance to check out my YA M/M Paranormal series, The Dead Oaks, then you'll find everything you need to get you started in this post. If you're already current on the series and just waiting for the next book then I have good news for you. The fourth, and final, book in the series will be out sometime at the end of 2020!

The Dead Oaks takes place in small-town Connecticut and follows the ghostly adventures of new friends, Jasper Jelinek and Wesley Shain. As they dive into the dark world of paranormal investigation and begin a friends-to-lovers romance, they befriend snarky skeptic, Liv Robles, and eventually adopt more people into their ragtag monster-hunting crew.

Here's what you can expect from each book:

Jasper Jelinek believes in ghosts. Probably more than he believes in himself. After living a life of relative solitude and misanthropy, he suddenly becomes saddled with some unexpected new friends. Their obsession with the paranormal forces them to face the thing they've been avoiding most: Life. Together they learn that there's more to being haunted than just ghost stories.

The Dead Oaks Paranormal Society finds themselves on their first official case. A haunted house seems like a promising place to capture conclusive evidence that the paranormal is real; but like all plans, nothing goes the way that they intend.

Unwanted tagalongs, misunderstandings, and a malicious not-so-ghostly entity all collide to put the strength of Jasper and Wesley's bond to the test. This monster hunting sleepover could end their team, and possibly their lives, faster than they'd come together.

Wesley Shain is college-bound for a life in the theater, just as everyone always expected. Lately, though, he's been thinking paranormal investigation is a better career path. He just needs one weekend to prove it.

A haunted road trip wasn't exactly the romantic getaway Jasper Jelinek had hoped for but with a few friends, ghostly frights, and one steamy summer night, it might turn out to be precisely what his relationship needed.

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Until next time,

Friday, January 31, 2020

Author Life: New Books + New Routine

Hello, friends!

Because if you read my books then I definitely consider you a friend of mine. :)

Is it just me or did January last twice as long as it should have?? I was overwhelmed with "adulting" and constantly busy. On the bright side, I made a lot of progress on my writing projects and even found some time for my hobbies (which is always a great way to recharge the creativity well).

I'm still utilizing a daily planner which has helped to keep me on task and also helped in tracking what routines work best for me. I've come to realize that my optimum writing times are first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon, so I've been trying to write for at least two hours a day (broken into those time-frames). I would love to have written more each day but this month was just too packed with other things. Overall, I managed to write for approx. two hours a day at least three days a week. My goal for next month is to see if I can write for longer stretches and to increase that to around 4-5 days a week. I enjoy having weekends off to catch up on things around the house or just do something fun (Other than writing! Which is still great fun for me and why I have a hard time forcing myself to set it aside.) and give my brain a rest.


- I'm about 15% of the way into writing the M/M Contemporary Rom-Com novel and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process so far. I just know you'll love these characters. :) It is different not to be writing supernatural elements, though! But this story called to me so strongly that I just had to write it, even though it's outside of my Paranormal wheelhouse.

- As of now, DREAM WEAVER is still slated for a Spring release. However, the original publication date of March 9th might change. My publisher had to shuffle some titles around and I'm waiting to hear if mine will be moved or not. I'll let you know as soon as I know!

- Thatcher Maugden and the Dream Witch is finished and sent off to be included in the Dreampunk Anthology, Mirrormaze. More news on that as it comes.

- I finally sat down and outlined a short story prequel series about Grady Hunter! They will take place over the two decades prior to when he meets Ethan. I plan to make them very dark horror and very '90s/'00s. Depending on content guidelines, I might put them up on Wattpad; if not, then I'll find another platform. You know I will definitely shout from the rooftops when I'm ready to unleash the first one. ;)

To be directly informed about any new releases or sales, please visit and sign up for the newsletter. I only send them out once a month or if I have a new release/promotion, so you don't have to worry about being swamped with them.

Later this year, I'll start working on the final book in The Dead Oaks series. If you're a fan or interested in learning more about it, I'll be back on the blog next week to recap the series. Let me know if you have any questions you'd like answered!

Until next time,

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hello 2020! - What I Have Planned For This Year

Happy New Year! 

I'm looking forward to this new decade ahead of us. Last decade was when I finally put myself out into the world as a writer, published my first book, signed my first publishing contract, and wrote and published several more! I plan on continuing down this path that I love for years to come!

So, what can you expect from me in 2020? Here's what I have lined up so far.


 DREAM WEAVER (ROAM: Book Three) will release through NineStar Press this Spring! This is the last book in the main trilogy, but I'm sure you'll see more from the ROAMverse in the future.

Thatcher Maugden And The Dream Witch is a short story that will be included in a first-ever Dreampunk Anthology featuring a number of Dreampunk authors. Release date TBA (but rumors are that it should be expected around Halloween. *fingers crossed*)


I'm currently working on something slightly different from my usual genres. A Contemporary M/M Rom-Com! There may not be any supernatural creatures in this one, but it's packed full of the sort of humor you've come to know from me.

Later this year, I also plan on writing the final book in The Dead Oaks series. No promises on when to expect this one to be published. We'll just have to see how things go.

There you have it! Those are the main projects that I'll be focusing on in 2020. I hope to work on some smaller things here and there throughout the year as well if time allows.

I hope you're as excited about these as I am and I wish you a spectacular start to the new decade!

Cheers! 🥂