Thursday, January 18, 2018

Goodreads Bookshelves

This month has been all about organization for me in virtually all areas of my life.  When you've got what feels like a million projects on your plate, plus a full-time job, plus a family, plus a household to run then you definitely know that organizing is a must!

But I'm posting here for a fun organizational reason today!  One thing I decided for 2018 is to be more active on Goodreads.  Honestly, a lot of social media platforms are leaving me feeling blase' lately so I've decided just hone in on a few sites that I truly enjoy and not worry so much about the rest.  Goodreads is definitely one of them!  And being organized comes into play via their "Bookshelves" feature.

Right now, I've created two shelves that readers will hopefully find useful.  One is a shelf of all the books I've published.  And the other is a list of books that have influenced my writing.  I plan to add more shelves as the year moves forward.  Everything from books that I've referenced or used as research, to genre favorites, to blasts from the past.  I think you'll find quite a few titles you'll enjoy adding to your own reading lists!

Do you use the Goodreads bookshelf feature?  If you have any shelves that you think might interest me then please leave a link to them in the comments!