Friday, January 31, 2020

Author Life: New Books + New Routine

Hello, friends!

Because if you read my books then I definitely consider you a friend of mine. :)

Is it just me or did January last twice as long as it should have?? I was overwhelmed with "adulting" and constantly busy. On the bright side, I made a lot of progress on my writing projects and even found some time for my hobbies (which is always a great way to recharge the creativity well).

I'm still utilizing a daily planner which has helped to keep me on task and also helped in tracking what routines work best for me. I've come to realize that my optimum writing times are first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon, so I've been trying to write for at least two hours a day (broken into those time-frames). I would love to have written more each day but this month was just too packed with other things. Overall, I managed to write for approx. two hours a day at least three days a week. My goal for next month is to see if I can write for longer stretches and to increase that to around 4-5 days a week. I enjoy having weekends off to catch up on things around the house or just do something fun (Other than writing! Which is still great fun for me and why I have a hard time forcing myself to set it aside.) and give my brain a rest.


- I'm about 15% of the way into writing the M/M Contemporary Rom-Com novel and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process so far. I just know you'll love these characters. :) It is different not to be writing supernatural elements, though! But this story called to me so strongly that I just had to write it, even though it's outside of my Paranormal wheelhouse.

- As of now, DREAM WEAVER is still slated for a Spring release. However, the original publication date of March 9th might change. My publisher had to shuffle some titles around and I'm waiting to hear if mine will be moved or not. I'll let you know as soon as I know!

- Thatcher Maugden and the Dream Witch is finished and sent off to be included in the Dreampunk Anthology, Mirrormaze. More news on that as it comes.

- I finally sat down and outlined a short story prequel series about Grady Hunter! They will take place over the two decades prior to when he meets Ethan. I plan to make them very dark horror and very '90s/'00s. Depending on content guidelines, I might put them up on Wattpad; if not, then I'll find another platform. You know I will definitely shout from the rooftops when I'm ready to unleash the first one. ;)

To be directly informed about any new releases or sales, please visit and sign up for the newsletter. I only send them out once a month or if I have a new release/promotion, so you don't have to worry about being swamped with them.

Later this year, I'll start working on the final book in The Dead Oaks series. If you're a fan or interested in learning more about it, I'll be back on the blog next week to recap the series. Let me know if you have any questions you'd like answered!

Until next time,

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Hello 2020! - What I Have Planned For This Year

Happy New Year! 

I'm looking forward to this new decade ahead of us. Last decade was when I finally put myself out into the world as a writer, published my first book, signed my first publishing contract, and wrote and published several more! I plan on continuing down this path that I love for years to come!

So, what can you expect from me in 2020? Here's what I have lined up so far.


 DREAM WEAVER (ROAM: Book Three) will release through NineStar Press this Spring! This is the last book in the main trilogy, but I'm sure you'll see more from the ROAMverse in the future.

Thatcher Maugden And The Dream Witch is a short story that will be included in a first-ever Dreampunk Anthology featuring a number of Dreampunk authors. Release date TBA (but rumors are that it should be expected around Halloween. *fingers crossed*)


I'm currently working on something slightly different from my usual genres. A Contemporary M/M Rom-Com! There may not be any supernatural creatures in this one, but it's packed full of the sort of humor you've come to know from me.

Later this year, I also plan on writing the final book in The Dead Oaks series. No promises on when to expect this one to be published. We'll just have to see how things go.

There you have it! Those are the main projects that I'll be focusing on in 2020. I hope to work on some smaller things here and there throughout the year as well if time allows.

I hope you're as excited about these as I am and I wish you a spectacular start to the new decade!

Cheers! 🥂