Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Beginning Is, After All, The Best Place To Start


I decided to create this space to serve as a supplement to my books.  Here you will find news, illustrations, and behind-the-scenes features of my work.  One feature that I'm really excited about (but will be a continuous work in progress) is a Character Compendium.  I will attempt to organize the massive collection of characters from my stories with background information, etc.  So, if you'd ever like a quick reference (or even a sneak peek at newer characters) then you'll have an easy place to access information on them quickly.

Feel free to click around for now while I work on getting everything set up!  I think it's all pretty straightforward and I look forward to sharing some of my creative processes with you soon!  I'm also thinking it might be fun to have a post written by one of my characters from time to time.  Maybe even interview style where readers can ask them questions?  We'll see how that goes.  ;)

Thank you for stopping by!
~ Dez

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