Saturday, February 3, 2018

UPDATES: February 2018

I feel as though I have some explaining to do and as this is a blog, well, I'll do it here.  I have been less compelled to engage in social media lately.  Your best bet in keeping solid tabs on me is through Instagram because I enjoy its gallery-style interface so much more.  I suppose I'm growing into one of those people that likes to have some privacy.  I watch others spilling their guts all over Twitter and, honestly, I sort of cringe.  That's great for them if they need a space to vent (as most of it usually tends to be that) but I'm just not that personality type.  I enjoy creating stories and art and I love to share those with the world but, for the most part, I have no inherent need to share much else.  I'm sure, if you've read my books, you could probably guess that I'm much like a lot of my characters and prefer to keep things mysterious and close to my heart.

This means I'm sort of shit at social media promotion.  LOL  Oh well.  I figure that if people like my work then they will stick around regardless of how often I post or not.  I would hope so, anyway.

The point is, I have been posting a lot less on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  I haven't (and won't) disappear from them but when I do post it will mostly just be project updates.  I think any meatier stuff is best kept for this blog and the occasional over-share caption on Instagram.  :)

Now - On to the real updates!


ICYMI - I added two new microfiction Short Stories to Wattpad last month:  "Undercurrent" & "The Undead Craftsman".

Along with that, I've been working on the second "Dead Oaks" book which I may or may not have to set aside for the moment while I ponder a plot point.  Thankfully, I have a couple of other projects I can work on while I take the time to sort that one out.


As pictured above, I illustrated a lovely "Call Me By Your Name" piece (Phenomenal story, btw. ) and it has quickly become my Best Seller on Redbubble!  Thank you so much if you've ordered it!  I definitely appreciate it.  One of my goals for 2018 is to be more active on Redbubble and that was a great start to kick the year off.  I'm currently working on some new "dapper" designs and patterns to add there.

Also, I'm submitting work to two local art shows this Spring.  I'm currently working on prepping for that.


I think my intro. pretty much covered that but there are a couple of extra bits I can throw in.  Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary!  I was showered with flowers and gifts and taken out for a nice romantic dinner; so I'm in a pretty great mood, as you can imagine. haha  What else?  Oh yes!  I've been working at the museum for three months now and I love it.  I'm also working toward a couple of other huge goals that I can't really talk about yet but they have definitely kept me busy.

I hope you have a fabulous February!

x, Dez

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