Wednesday, February 20, 2019

HUNTER Cover Art Reveal & Blurb

I'm thrilled to finally share the new cover art for HUNTER!
So, without further ado:

The title was a pretty good indicator that you'd get a Grady cover. :)
Natasha Snow did an amazing job (as always) and I stand by my conviction that she is, in fact, a magical design creature.

One of the prominent things that stands out is the portal and I can't wait for you all to find out more about that!


"Dr. Grady Hunter has a vampire infestation on his hands in the town of Shady Pines but he’s been deserted by those best suited to help. After enlisting Chris Reed, a techno-mage, they find the vampires might only be the tip of a deadly iceburg.

Returning home from his dream travels, Ethan Roam is eager to experiment with his newly discovered powers. But Ethan isn’t the only familiar arrival in Grady’s life. As more reminders of his dark past crop up daily, Grady and Ethan are swept up in a mystery of cosmic proportions.

Grady must fight to keep an ever-evolving Ethan on his side while being challenged by the ghosts of his past."

Old favorites plus new friends and fiends arrive in this one so prepare for a wild ride!

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I'll be back with more info soon.  
Have a fangtastic week!
~ Dez ~

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It's time to face your nightmares.


HUNTER (ROAM: Book Two), coming April 8, 2019 through NineStar Press.

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