Monday, February 18, 2019

The Dead Oaks: Where Jasper And Wes Go From Here

It's been eight months since the release of the second book, Midnight Monsters, in my YA Paranormal series, The Dead Oaks.  I haven't talked much about it over the past few months and I'm sure those of you that read it would like to know more.  So, here's what's happened since then and where it goes from here:

Midnight Monsters was self-published in June 2018 and although I've received a number of positive emails and messages about it, I still didn't see it gain much traction in sales.  I only have myself to blame for this as I was still a novice indie author (to be perfectly honest, I'm still learning so much about book marketing) and I didn't promote it like I should have.  I wasn't aware of possible venues for it at the time or that there are reviewers who will take on sequels without having had read the previous books.  Thankfully, I know of them now and will definitely reach out to them for future releases.  Another mistake that I feel I made was releasing it on Wattpad.  Wattpad is a great platform for YA and I wanted it to be available for readers that might not be in the position to purchase books like this themselves (i.e.- teens) and while I think that's still a great reason, perhaps I shouldn't have put the book in full on both platforms.  

Moving forward, I still have not made an official decision as to whether the rest of the series will strictly be a Wattpad series or if I will only release it on Kindle Unlimited.  There are pros and cons to both and I haven't had time to really weigh those yet.  However, if you personally have a preference then let me know!

As you've seen, I've been swept up in a very exciting time for me in publishing.  The first two novels in my ROAM series were picked up by NineStar Press!  ROAM was re-released this past October and HUNTER will be out in April.  I'm also currently working on the first draft of the third (and final) book in this series.  So, my writing life has mostly been filled with ROAM-related business.  This is why I haven't begun the third Dead Oaks book yet.

That being said, fear not!  I do plan to write it.  I have a general outline ready and as soon as I finish up the third ROAM book then I will begin working on it.  Ideally, I'd like to have it available for you by autumn of this year but if not, then at least by early 2020.  I will definitely keep you updated!  I love these characters so much and they continue to grow on me as they grow together.

As for any teaser bits, I can tell you this much:  
Roadtrip.  Cryptids.  Relationship Leveling-Up.

It will be worth the wait.  :)

Your Writerly Friend,
- Dez -

If you haven't read the first two Dead Oaks books yet, you can find them on Amazon and Wattpad.

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HUNTER (ROAM: Book Two), coming April 8, 2019 through NineStar Press.

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