Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Like This Show? Read This Book!


Curious to try my books, but don't know where to start? Already read one that you liked, but want to know which to try next?

Here's a fun guide to help direct you to the series that might best fit your tastes!

Like This Show? Read This Book!

Are you fascinated by dreams, nightmares, psychological suspense, and mischievous supernatural creatures and deities? ROAM is a Dreampunk adventure series whose lead protagonist has to unravel the surreal ties between the dreamscape and the waking world while constantly questioning how much he can actually trust his allies. // New Adult - MM Urban Fantasy

Teenage Romance. Mysteries. Supernatural Forces. If you like teen angst with a jump scare or two, then The Dead Oaks is right for you! This series takes place in an abundantly haunted Connecticut town where amateur ghost hunting leaves its teenage residents with more frightening encounters than they bargained for. // Young Adult - MM Paranormal Fiction

Are you a sucker for Gothic Literature and Victorian fashion? Do you crave a gaslamp lit world of vampires and ghosts? The Dandy Medium (the first in an ongoing series) is a dark Victorian gothic fantasy full of murder and mystery. With a spiritual medium as the leading man and a dapper detective at his side, you'll find yourself swept up in underground supernatural worlds and crossing the veils between worlds to solve a spree of serial murders. // Adult Fiction - MM Gaslamp Fantasy

I hope this guide inspires you to dive into one of these series! Which are you most interested in?

Happy Reading!
- Dez

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