Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Grady's Halloween Party - ROAM Extras

Grady’s cheeks burned, and he cleared his throat as he took a step away from the lustful vampire, grasping desperately for something to say to distract him.
“I…love your suits. You’re both very dashing,” Grady finally managed.
“Oh, these old things?” Dacey laughed and rolled his eyes. “Please. We’ve literally had them for a century. Added the goggles, though, as they seem to be in vogue amongst the creatives these days. I always do enjoy a good subcultural trend. Although, Marcus made the valid point that they are extremely frivolous.”
“Well, what’s the point in wearing a costume if you’re not going to be frivolous?”

“That’s exactly what I said!”

ROAM is a great Autumn read, seeing as it takes place in October. Near the end of the book, Dr. Grady Hunter hosts his annual Halloween gathering; inviting all of his supernatural clientele to celebrate at his home. And now you're invited to join the party!


What's a Halloween party without costumes? While dressing up is encouraged, we do recognize that some guests are proud of their supernaturally frightful nature and we welcome you just as you are!


It's Shady Pines' biggest paranormal shindig of the year! So, expect to see all of your favorite local ghosts and ghouls, vampires, werecreatures, and more! They're all looking forward to gossip, appetizers, and boos.


Speaking of appetizers, don't be embarrassed to remind others that you are not here for nibbling. It does get confusing for some. Especially to those who don't drink...wine.


Along with food and banter with banshees, you can also look forward to parlor tricks, fortune-telling, communion with dark spirits, and seances to welcome those traveling long distances. Live piano music will also be provided by this year's special guest, Ethan Roam.


While we hope you have a magnificent night full of devilish delights, we caution you to avoid inviting any of the other guests home afterward. They have a tendency to become permanent roommates...

Have a fangtastic Halloween and celebrate at your own risk!

Dr. Hunter's Halloween Hostess,

[Photos from Pexels & iStockPhotos]


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